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-Pick an OC
-Act as if your OC is answering the questions
-Tag 5-10 people! (no. )

Found this due to

OC you chose: Lightning

1. How do you feel about being interviewed?

"I really don't know. ... are you Batman?"

2. What is your name?
"Technically its Lightning but on my birth certificate its CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, CANADIAN GOVERNMENT EYES ONLY."

3. Any reason why you where named that?
"I gained it at home on how fast I was in finding ways to be lazy." "Birth name reason are CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, CANADIAN GOVERNMENT EYES ONLY."

4. Are you male or female?

5. What do you usually wear?
"Black gloves, White sneakers, Red Canada hat, Grey shorts and a Grey T-shirt. Sometimes Grey colored Armour also."

6. Do you go to school?
"um ... University of Toronto counts right?"

7. Are my questions getting irritating?

8. It still isn't over!

9. What is your greatest fear?
"Whales. They eat people dammit!"

10. Any odd habits?
"Insane things like pushing people off bridges and visiting other universes to screw with them."

11. What species are you?
"Dragonic Human."

12. Ever thought of raising a family?
"... I hate you."

14. Any siblings?

15. How about pets?
"One fat cat. Lazy bugger."

16. Any special powers/abilities?
"Regeneration and High levels of Pyrokinesis baby!"

17. Did you notice there was no number 13?
"I don't care about math since math is stupid!"

18. Did you just go back to check if there was no number 13?
"I. HATE. MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

19. What food appeals to you most?
"Bacon and anything meaty. Also Ice cream, and corn."

20. I have to go- it's over. How do you feel about that?
"Wait, can you give me a bus ticket since I didn't bring money here."

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  • Reading: history books about war
  • Watching: Nostolgia Critic
  • Playing: Kaiserreich
  • Eating: Bacon
  • Drinking: Apple juice of AWESOMENESS!!!


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I am your doom since i am insanity made flesh aka a lazy ass that sometimes gets off his ass to work.

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